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Getting Paystack payment verification integration is one of the best ideas to accept payment on an e-commerce website.


* Amazing features added 🥰😎 * Add, Delete, Modify LGA's 😳 Upgrade to PRO Now DM for plugin access.


Live Demo: Features Laravel 8.0: Back-end server framwork. React 16: Front-end framework. Redux 4: React state management. Boostrap 4: Front-end UI kit. React Router v4: Declerative routing. redux-thunk: async…


Thinking of a way to verify your bank bvn with PHP simply download this source code


Woocommerce wordpress plugin for payzoft payment gateway


Getting paystack payment verification integration is one of the best idea to accept payment in an e-commerce website.


Easily integrate Monnify PayMent in Python Django Business Website  


This is suitable for : - School / College - Students batch - Coaching Center / Academy - Education Center What's new in V2.5? - Added Teachers Account 👩‍🦳 - Increase…


Simple PHP blog with the ability to create, delete, update and edit post content with PHP and MSQLI Demo:


Introduction This addon provides flutterwave payment gateway facility to Academy Lms students during purchasing a new course. By installing this addon, you can sell courses to your students by popular flutterwave payment…


WHMCS payment module for fastpay script